The final step of the audio production

You have composed, recorded and mixed your album. Congratulations ! But there's a last step to provide the best-sounding music : mastering. After the mastering process, your music will be able to produce the best of itself on a countless speakers, headphones, and on multiple listening systems as CD or streaming. 

Mastering is necessary to :

- make your music listenable on many systems ;

- check your mix and clean some errors which can be not heard by the mixing engineer ;

- add some harmonics to produce a richer sound (if needed) ;

- normalize your mix for the different way of listening music (CD, streaming, iTunes, ...) ;

- make a global harmonization an the tracks of your EP / Album to obtain a sonic coherence on the full project.

Mastering is NOT :

- a second mix : if the original mix file sounds bad, the master will sound bad !

- a way to produce the loudest sound : of course, some tracks, regarding to the genre, will be extremely loud at the end of the process (like metal, techno...), but this is NOT necessary ! All depends of the music and a lot of songs requires a lot of dynamic range.

At Tyrell Sound, we want to offer the best sonic results to our clients. This is why we use some the best digital tools for audio. Each time, we try to be the most transparent as possible. We're here to master your mix, not to change it.

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