Stem Mastering

An other way to master music

Stem mastering is a new way to master music : it consists to master a song by using separate stems of the track, not only the mix file. A standard stem mastering session is divided between drums, vocal, bass, and medium instruments as synths or guitars.

In a stem mastering session, the mastering engineer can modify a stem without apply a treatment on all the mix. This is an excellent way to master a "problematic" mix. We recommend this option for bad sounding mix, and for mixes which comes from an amateur studio.

However, please remember this :

- stem mastering, as standard mastering, is NOT magic. In any case (mastering or stem mastering), if your mix sounds really too bad, the master will sound bad ;

- stem mastering gives a lot of possibilities to the mastering engineer, and maybe too much : it's extremely simple to overstep his bounds and do a too important modification on the mix. This is why we recommend this option only for not excellent mixes. Remember, our first role is to master your music !

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