Here you'll find the most asked questions. Please read them before sending an email.

What DAW is used ?

We use Magix Sequoia 15, one of the most powerful DAW in the audio world for mastering.

Is it possible to come in the studio and be with you during the mastering session ?

No. For now, Tyrell Sound is only an e-mastering studio.

When should I pay you ?

The payment will be done at the end of the session, when you'll be satisfied at 100 %. Let's produce first !

How can I pay you ?

You can pay by a bank transfert or PayPal.

Can you make any changes if I don't like the master(s) ?

Of course ! Your satisfaction is the priority. The first revision is totally free and is included with the service. After that, you'll can ask more revisions if you want, but these other revisions will not be free.

How many time a session takes ?

It depends of the project ! Some albums will only take 4 hours, while others will take 3 days. However, generally :
- a single song takes one hour ;
- an EP takes one day ;
- an album takes two days.

Please note that these durations are only for the mastering session itself : delivery time is not included.

Do you master for vinyl ?

For now, Tyrell Sound provides only digital masters for digital destinations as streaming or CD ; we don't master for vinyl.

Can you make a free demo ?

Yes we can, but please remind that we can do that on only one track ; we'll send you an extract and not the entire song.

Why do you talk about upsampling and downsampling in your "Tools" section ?

At Tyrell Sound, we work at high sample rate (96 kHz) in order to provide the less distorded masters as possible. So :

- if your mix is a 96 kHz file, we just import the file in Sequoia ;

- if your mix is a 44.1 kHz file (or 48 / 88.2), we upsample the file to 96 kHz before the import in Sequoia (by using RX 7 Advanced from iZotope, which allows us to make a transparent SRC).

In any case, at the end of the process, we're able to provide a high sampling rate file (96 kHz) and / or a standard sampling rate master (44.1 kHz).

Have I to respect some specs before sending my mix ?

Yes, you absolutely have to, or we'll not be able to make a correct master. Please click on the "Prepare your mix !" section in the menu of this website for more info.

Can you refuse to work with me?

This is extremely uncommon, but we can refuse to work on your project for a few reasons :

- if your mix sounds too bad, it will be impossible to correctlly master the track. We'll say you what we think you should do to improve your mix. We think that master a too bad sounding mix is not really honest ;

- if your project requires to be extremely specialized in a music style that we don't master, we'll recommend to you a more specialized mastering studio ;

- if your music has some contents like racial insults or homophobic message (or anything that calls for hatred), we won't work with you.

How does a session go?

Generally, a mastering session at Tyrell Sound goes like this :

- first, we discuss by email about your project, your music and what you're looking for ;

- just after that, we carefully listen your single / EP / album ; after this critical listening, we say you if the mix is good, or if some details can be improved before the mastering ;

- then the mastering session itself starts : you just have to wait until we're done ;

- once we have finished, we send you the master of your project. After listening, if you like it, we'll proceed to payment. If you're not fully satisfied with this first master, you can ask a revision, as written above.