Here you'll find the most asked questions. Please read them before sending an email.

What DAW is used ?

We use Magix Sequoia 15, one of the most powerful DAW in the audio world for mastering.

Is it possible to come in the studio and be with you during the mastering session ?

No. For now, Tyrell Sound is only an e-mastering studio.

When should I pay you ?

The payment will be done at the end of the session, when you'll be satisfied at 100 %. Let's produce first !

How can I pay you ?

You can pay by a bank transfert or PayPal.

Can you make any changes if I don't like the master(s) ?

Of course ! Your satisfaction is the priority. The first revision is totally free and is included with the service. After that, you'll can ask more revisions if you want, but these other revisions will not be free.

How many time a session takes ?